Use Case

Use Case

Folio: The Ultimate Tool for Interactive and Guided Product Demos

Are you looking for a platform to build interactive and guided product demos in just a few minutes? Look no further than Folio!

In addition to its robust features, Folio is also designed to be used across different teams in your organization, making it an invaluable tool for marketing, sales, and customer success.

Here are some common use cases of how our clients use Folio to their advantage:

Growth & Lead Generation—Enhance conversion rates within your current funnel

Bring your product to life on your website with interactive demos, driving higher conversion rates and qualified leads.

Integrate Your Product within Your Website

-Allow visitors to experience your product pre-signup.

-The interactive demo approach helps increase website conversion and activation rates.

Empower Prospects to Personalize Their Journey

-Enable buyers to tailor their experience.

-The chapters in the demo enable users to focus on preferred areas while bypassing irrelevant sections.

Capture Leads and Evaluate the Impact

-Use analytics to gain insights into the best-performing demos or features.

-Qualify and nurture leads based on engagement levels with demos.

Full Cycle Sales Enablement—Increase lead closure through efficient product-led methods

Send customized demos to prospects as part of your outreach, helping you qualify leads earlier and close more deals.

Incorporate Demos into Outbound Campaigns

-Introduce prospects to your product right from the first email.

-Replace outbound communication content with personalized, account-specific demos.

Cultivate More Qualified Opportunities

-Reduce time spent on window shoppers and high-bouncing users.

-Leverage demos to educate prospects on product usage and offering, allowing in-depth discovery calls.

Empower Advocates to Secure Buy-In

-Provide compelling follow-up resources to champions.

-Accelerate internal buy-in by enabling decision-makers to experience your product hands-on.

Product Marketing & User Journey—Activate new users and engage your customer base

Provide self-guided product walkthroughs and documentation for customers to help drive faster adoption and value.

Share Product Launches with Your Customer Base

-Offer sneak peeks of the product beta or upcoming features.

-Use video clips or staging environments to craft demos showcasing future offerings.

Develop Documentation with Video Alternatives

-Engage and educate customers with self-guided, interactive resources.

-Keep demos aligned with product updates, allowing effortless screen replacements.

Align Narratives with Your Brand Identity

-Create demos that align with your product and brand.

-Seamlessly integrate demos into existing product pages or feature announcements for consistent branding.

Overall, Folio proves to be a versatile and powerful tool that can help teams across your organization achieve their goals. With Folio, you can create interactive and guided product demos in just a few minutes, increasing engagement, leads, and ultimately, sales. Try Folio today and see the difference for yourself!

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