Folio is a revolutionary tool that streamlines the process of creating and sharing interactive demos. It has three key roles: Owner, Editor, and Viewer, each with its unique features and benefits.

1. Owner

The Owner account oversees the entire account and has the capability to manage everything from users, permissions, demos, security, brand settings, and in the future, billing. This makes it easy for your team members to manage your Folio account effectively and securely.

2. Editor

As an Editor, you can customize the look and feel of the demos to suit your brand and include interactive elements like images and text to explain and demonstrate the features of your product. These demos can be personalized and shared with prospects via link、video or embedded on a website. This improves engagement and makes it a valuable tool in any sales process.

3. Viewer

As a Viewer, with the no-editable capability of the template, you can publish and share interactive demos that are shared with you. You can use the demos in every call, email, or anywhere else you want. Additionally, you can add advanced capabilities like access control. You can also receive email notifications when someone views your demo.

Insights and Analytics are vital for tracking your deals. You can analyze how your demos perform and how your customers interact with them. This information can help you improve your future marketing campaigns and deliver a better buying experience.

In summary, Folio is an excellent tool for creating and sharing interactive demos that engage your prospects and help you close more deals. Whether you are an Owner, Editor, or Viewer, there's a role for everyone in this tool.

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